SIA Law Office Spridzans

Elizabetes Street 63-2,
Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
Contact: Ansis Spridzāns
Telephone: +371 29274672

ZAB Spridzāns, Snipe, Hramčenko

Elizabetes Street 63-2,
Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
Contact: Svetlana Hramčenko
Telephone: +371 29274672

Representative in the United States of America

1177 Avenue of Americas,
Fl. 7, New York, NY 10036
Contact: Inga Klimašauskienė
Telephone: +1 (917) 945-9742

Representative in People’s Republic of China

Room 407-3A Phase II, Qianhai Shimao
Financial Center, 3040 Xinghai Avenue,
Nanshan Street, Qianhai Shenzhen
Hong Kong Cooperation Zone,
Shenzhen, People Republic of China,
Post Code: 518000
Contact: Simon Lam 林锡华
Telephone: +86 18575544328

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About Us


We are a team of experienced lawyers able to deliver outstanding results in banking & finance and capital markets & private equity business. Our values are reputation, trust and challenge. We are exploring unexplored areas of modern law to become professionals’ first choice boutique banking & finance and capital markets & private equity law firm in wider Post-Soviet Area.


Law firm Spridzans has been founded in 2015 by Ansis Spridzans who has spent 17+ years as a leading lawyer for various banking and finance, capital markets and M&A transactions, many of which has been first of its kind or had a landmark importance in Latvia. In 2012-2014 he has served as a Chairman of Privatisation Agency of Latvia being responsible for management of state assets exceeding 1 billion EUR and has been Chairman of Hiponia, distressed asset manager with 100 million EUR under management. During the financial crisis in 2008 Ansis assisted to a major restructuring of the second largest private bank in Latvia – Parex bank. Ansis has organized and assisted to many capital market transactions, among those are several listings of bonds in London Stock Exchange and restructuring 750 million EUR of syndicated debt. His experience in M&A transactions includes the sale of Citadele bank to a group of international investors under the lead of Ripplewood Advisors in 2014.