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Hong Kong Cooperation Zone,
Shenzhen, People Republic of China,
Post Code: 518000
Contact: Simon Lam 林锡华
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Our esteemed speaker, Ansis Spridzāns from "Spridzāns, Snipe & Hramčenko," will be presenting at the highly anticipated Finfellas conference, part of Finfellas Season #3. This two-day summit, held monthly, offers a wealth of valuable content, engaging talks, networking opportunities, and insightful mastermind sessions. The primary objective of these events is to foster connections and foster a sense of community among leaders in the Fintech and Alternative Finance industries from more than 40 countries worldwide, with a strong emphasis on virtual participation.

Ansis Spridzans of ZAB Spridzans, Snipe & Hramcenko, has been elected for the fourth consecutive time to the board of the prestigious Latvian Business Angel Network (LatBAN). The decision was made at the organization's general meeting held on May 18, 2023. Joining Ansis Spridzans on the board are a group of esteemed individuals who share the same passion for supporting innovative startups. Alīna Prohorova and Viktors Pedčenko have also been elected as board members, replacing Daina Pečate and Voldemārs Brediķis, further solidifying LatBAN's commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship and driving entrepreneurial success in Latvia. Additionally, Daumants Pabrieža and Viktors Pedčenko serve

ZAB Spridzans, Snipe & Hramcenko provided legal assistance to Alpha Finance during licencing process of Dofinance (new name - Nectaro, which involved developing and reviewing internal procedures to comply with the standards of financial brokerage firm. After successful receipt of such licence, law firm helped the client to negotiate the sale of the firm to Dyninno Fintech Holding Limited. To read more about this, visit the news article on (Bank of Latvia's website) or use the following direct link: Bank of Latvia issues an investment firm licence to SIA Nectaro.

ZAB Spridzans, Snipe & Hramcenko assisted ASP Asset Management AIFP in its registration process with the Bank of Latvia. Firm's role was to prepare and file all the documentation necessary for initial registration, registration with the Bank of Latvia as well as developing and implementing business, AML procedures as well as setting up alternative investment fund documentation. For further details, refer to the official notification on the Bank of Latvia's homepage using the direct link: ASP Asset Management AIFP Registration.

Ansis Spridzans of ZAB Spridzans, Snipe & Hramcenko was elected for the 3rd time to the board of the organization Latvian Business Angel Network (LatBAN) at the general meeting on 29th of June, 2022. This organization is uniting business angels investing in start-up companies of Latvia. Other members elected were Cyril Golub, Voldemars Bredikis, Daumants Pabrieža, Daina Pecate and Pavels Zeigermahers. 

TerraWaste, a company specializing in next generation waste remediation and turning non-recyclable waste into value which benefits businesses, governments, and the society. TerraWaste is inducing change by creating no polluting gas emissions from their recycling process, being energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and paving way for the recycling of any type of carbon-containing waste, organic household waste, agricultural waste, and all types of plastic. We congratulate TerraWaste on winning the Deep Tech Atelier Start-up Competition 2022! Find out more about the Deep Tech Startup Competition here:

Our own Ansis Spridzāns of “Spridzāns, Snipe & Hramčenko” gave a talk in the latest Finfellas online conference of Finfellas Season #2, an online two-day summit which takes place each month. The summit consists of relevant, quality content, talks, network, and mastermind sessions. The goal of these events is to bring leaders in Fintech & Alternative Finance together for networking and community-building from over 40 countries each month and to be as virtual as possible.  Watch the event on the Finfellas YouTube channel here: 

Spridzāns, Snipe & Hramčenko" has assisted "Capitalia Investment Services", a subsidiary of the alternative finance company "Capitalia" that provides services for businesses and investors, to acquire an investment brokerage licence from the FCMC for the following investment services: investment advice and the deployment of financial instruments without undertaking a commitment to redeem financial instruments.

Law Office Spridzāns, Snipe & Hramčenko has become a partner to the Deep Tech Startup Competition held by Commercialization Reactor and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA). The competition will be held on the 19 th -20 th of May 2022 and is aimed at businesses which specialize in Deep Tech, a business with intellectual property-rich sciences or with engineering behind the start-up, start-ups which are at an early age of their activity (before sales or sales have just started), the teams contain both scientists and entrepreneurs and the technology used by the business is at or above

Law Office Spridzans has negotiated between a range of stakeholders - European Investment Bank, private sector stakeholders, Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Bank of Latvia, the Treasury of Latvia, amongst others, and completed a developed a standardized template for energy performance contracting of public sector entities. The final document is confirmed by Eurostat as being "Maastricht neutral", i.e. being treated off-balance with respect to government accounts. 

Law Office Spridzans has become the legal partner of P2P conference (7-8 June, 2019). The conference was organized the first time as a perfect gathering of fintech companies and investors with a focus on P2P lending, investing and finance overall. We believe that becoming a legal partner of the conference was perfect fit for our law firm as it well reflected our specialization in modern finance and fintech.  See the link here: P2P conference

Law Office Spridzans has joined worldwide network of law firms - Ally Law. Ally Law’s 60+ independent law firms and 2,300+ professionals provide comprehensive legal services to major corporations worldwide. As an organization of mid-size, local law firms, Ally Law eliminates the expensive overhead found in the largest law firms, focusing their attention and resources where it counts—providing the best legal advice possible. Ally Law

Law Office Spridzāns has assisted Latvian Baltic Energy Efficiency Facility (LABEEF) and developed EPFI, a derivative financial instrument for funding any long-term performance-guaranteed projects. The facility was set up by a group of private investors and co-financed by EBRD. The transaction totaled 800 thousand EUR and financed 6 residential housing projects developed by Invesco, a subsidiary of renovation, operation and maintenance specialist company Renesco. Related links: LABEEF EBRD RENESCO

Law Office Spridzāns assisted SIA "LatBAN sindikāts Nr.1", a co-investment vehicle created by 23 business angels to invest in start-up SIA Pulsetip. Firm secured completion of the investment transaction from its initiation, including set-up of Latvian company, cross-border transfer of core business from pre-seed investor and accelerator Blue Lime Labs, transfer of intellectual property and structuring of shareholder base.

Law Office Spridzāns, as a part of business delegation led by ambassador of Latvia in the Russian Federation Mr. Maris Riekstins visited Yekaterinburg - major industrial hub in the central part of Russia. During the visit (February 27-March 1, 2018) the delegation met with members of Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry and local administration. Law Office has signed an agreement No SKV-L-2016/746 dated September 6, 2016 with Latvian Investment and Development Agency for support within the programme "Promotion of International Competitiveness" which is co-financed by European Regional Development Fund.

Law Office Spridzāns, together with delegation of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economics of Latvia, visited the United States of America. During the visit the delegation participated in conference "Spotlight Latvia" (Chicago, October 26, 2017) and other events, including meetings with largest private equity and risk capital funds of the Silicon Valley. Law Office has signed an agreement No SKV-L-2016/746 dated September 6, 2016 with Latvian Investment and Development Agency for support within the programme "Promotion of International Competitiveness" which is co-financed by European Regional Development Fund.

Law Office Spridzans acted as an advisor to Luxembourg based company Deutsche Oel & Gas S.A. which applied for trading of its existing class B shares on the Alternative market Nasdaq Baltic First North. It took us less than 2 months to prepare acceptable documentation and our client receive positive to start trading on time and was able to fulfil its promises to shareholders. Total amount of the transaction is 219 000 000 EUR. Date: 05.09.2017

Riga, Nasdaq Baltic Market, August 3, 2017 – Nasdaq (Nasdaq: NDAQ) announces that Law Office Spridzāns is granted the status of a Certified Adviser on the First North market in Latvia as of August 3, 2017 by Nasdaq Riga. Law Office Spridzāns is one of the Certified Advisers who can guide growth companies through the application process to the Nasdaq Baltic alternative market First North and ensure that the companies fulfill all the requirements of First North on a continuing basis. “We congratulate Law Office Spridzāns with the status of First North Certified Adviser. Broader Certified Advisers list provides more opportunities to Latvian

The Law Office assisted Latvian Business Angel Network to found investment vehicle “LatBAN sindikāts Nr.1” (investor syndicate) which is first of its kind in Latvia. It consists of investments from 21 business angels and will invest in a start-up until the end of 2017. We also have made due diligence of a potential candidate and will support the project until the investment is made. Date: 11.07.2017

The Law Office made a research on the most effective structure for equity crowdfunding, co-investment and deal flow management platform under Latvian law. We made sufficient research and drafted full documentation needed for operating purposes. This start-up has passed first investment round and received financing from Development Finance Institution Altum. Start-up has developed Alpha version of the platform and it expects launch to the market until the end of 2017. Date: 01.06.2017