SIA Law Office Spridzans

Elizabetes Street 63-2,
Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
Contact: Ansis Spridzāns
Telephone: +371 29274672

ZAB Spridzāns, Snipe, Hramčenko

Elizabetes Street 63-2,
Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
Contact: Svetlana Hramčenko
Telephone: +371 29274672

Representative in the United States of America

1177 Avenue of Americas,
Fl. 7, New York, NY 10036
Contact: Inga Klimašauskienė
Telephone: +1 (917) 945-9742

Representative in People’s Republic of China

Room 407-3A Phase II, Qianhai Shimao
Financial Center, 3040 Xinghai Avenue,
Nanshan Street, Qianhai Shenzhen
Hong Kong Cooperation Zone,
Shenzhen, People Republic of China,
Post Code: 518000
Contact: Simon Lam 林锡华
Telephone: +86 18575544328

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Corporate and Commercial

It is impossible to specialize not being good at traditional business law. Our seat is in Latvia, but we work with clients and partners internationally. Global vision and vast network of trusted partners lets us to provide your business with a complete solution which fits the best for your needs.

Banking, Finance and Capital

Experience in traditional banking & finance, investment funds and capital markets allows us to provide expert level service to demanding clients willing to explore legal regulation for opportunities which are provided by fintech start-ups, crypto currencies and ICOs.

M&A and Advisory

Vast due diligence, negotiation and transaction experience accompanied with understanding of how business works makes us a good partner when investigating a business opportunity or negotiating beneficial terms for sale, purchase or other, more complex, transaction.

Start-ups and Technologies

World is in a midst of a change. Unicorns are born and most face legal challenges, since the old laws are not tailored for new business realities. We will try our best to find out-of-the box solution which will allow your unicorn to avoid or minimize the legal challenges it may face locally or internationally. Legal industry is changing as well, we not only keep pace with change, but are innovators.

Litigation & Debt Recovery

There is no single truth and perception of fairness differ between parties, therefore litigations are inevitable. One may negotiate good settlement if it has the best litigators, therefore we take care of them being the best. We make detailed analysis of the case at hand, provide our clients with evaluation of probability of success, detailed explanation of strategy and timeline.


Relationships with various regulators, procedures for standardization of business processes, use and transfer of data, electronic identification and compliance issues which accompany identification procedures are themes we work with. Small size keeps us agile and allows to focus on things we are interested by ourselves and work as subcontractor to international advisory firms.

Private Client

We are client centred, not jurisdiction centred firm. By utilizing our extensive network of trusted cooperation partners we are able to provide high quality service in jurisdictions, where client’s interests are. The client remains with single point of key contact and gets a result where various cross-jurisdiction aspects are considered. Our networks allows to tailor a best solution, not to make it fit within the limits.

Real estate & Construction

We have number of clients in real estate industry who highly appreciate our expertise. Apart from long-lasting cooperation with traditional construction companies and real estate operators we have substantial experience in developing and acquiring funding for energy efficiency projects, sustainable housing and business real estate properties.